Friday, September 11, 2009


I DID IT!! I made jam!
Peach raspberry jam actually! It tastes really good if I do say so myself! Thanks a ton to my friend Holly for sharing her jello jam recipe in an enrichment meeting. Making it was super easy even with crying boys hanging on my legs. Also a big THANKS to my neighbors the Heyns for supplying the peaches and my Mom for the raspberries. I am going to go pick more raspberries and make another batch of jam this weekend. I wanted to post a picture but my camera has gone missing and is on the verge of death anyhow.
I am really liking canning this year and funny thing, Ryan and I bicker over who is going to do it :) I know so funny. He only wants to do salsa and I want to do some cans that are tomatoes only. So far he has won that battle. I guess I will be buying cans of tomatoes when caselot rolls aroung next week!


Steven and La Dean said...

Huzzah! I've been up to my neck this week canning pears, peaches, apples and still have Jam to make when, and IF, I can ever finish! I'd love your Jam recipe if you're willing to share;it sounds great!

Tiff's Tickles said...

I would love your jam recipe, too if you would be willing to share. That salsa is yummy. Tell Ryan Thanks again!:)

Marty and Jamie said...

Do share your recipe! That sounds yummy!