Sunday, September 20, 2009


Oh the things we have to do in life. The decisions we have to make. The consequences of those choices.
Ryan has been offered a job opportunity that has many good possibilities. It would require our family to move. Not that this is a bad thing and it isn't a far move but far enough that commuting isn't possible. I think that it would be good for our little family. I think that it will help us get back to depending on each other more and appreciating each other more. However the idea of selling our house and buying a new one is not one that I am looking forward to. Especially since our neighbors have been trying to sell for a year with NO prospects. However I do have faith in the Lord and if this is the right thing then I am sure that whatever is supposed to happen will happen on the Lord's time NOT mine.
So this Job as some of you are wondering is in Huntington, UT. They are the nicest most down to earth people. They called Ryan and want him to come and do what he has been doing at Maceys. He will also have a chance to help expand the store to become a chain. They have offered us a home that they rent out for us to use until we can get settled into a home of our own. It is a tiny town and I have always said that I DO NOT want to live in a tiny town. That might be one of my misgivings. However we drove there today and had a BBQ with the family that owns a grocery store. I really liked them and Huntington isn't so bad. So now we are weighing the pros and cons. Although the pros seem to be outweighing the cons. I am sure over the next few weeks we will make a few more scouting trips and be making a possible LIFE CHANGING decision.


ker said...

Wow, Amy! We will certainly miss ya if you go. Good Luck with everything. I like Huntington and that area. My husband is originally from Ferron (down that way) so we visit that way every once in a while. Dang, I'll be sad to see you go, but hope for the best for your family!

Marty and Jamie said...

I understand how hard change can be but it sounds like you are trusting in the Lord and that's about all we can do I think. He will lead us in the right way! Good luck!

Bobi said...

So many mixed emotions! Great opportunity, but we would be sad for you to go. Good luck with your decision.

Amber and James Johnson said...

Sounds like a great opportunity for you all. Small town life isn't that bad, and I personally feel like life is slower in a small town. Good luck on your decision making.