Friday, September 17, 2010

I am in trouble when I have a house full of teenage boys!!

For breakfast this morning Gage, who is 2, ate 2 eggs and a about a cup of sliced strawberries. He also drank 2 cups of chocolate milk, which by the way is his most favorite thing in the world! What am I going to do when I have a house full of hungry teenage boys? They already eat like they are never going to eat again. I guess I will be working at Maceys forever to be able to afford a grocery bill!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feeling Better

After my post yesterday about all the selfishness in this world {sorry about my rant} I am feeling a little bit better. Remington was running late for school {mostly my fault}. I told him I would drive him. As I was dropping him off there was a mom in the loading zone that was unloading some big boxes and carrying them in the school. I almost told Remington to go hold the door for her but he was out of the car so quick I didn't get a chance. The next thing I know he is running over and holding the door open for her. Maybe I have taught him consideration for other people!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its all about ME right??

I seem to be surrounded by this attitude of ME ME ME!! Is selfishness a fine line? Am I being selfish because I hate this "me first I'm the most important attitude"?
I can see how there is so much road rage and anger and hate in the world because of this way of thinking. Every time I get in the car to drive anywhere there is always some one who has to be 1 more car ahead or run the red light because heaven forbid that you have to wait for a few minutes or drive just a little bit slower.
Perhaps if we all took into consideration other peoples feelings and didn't think about ME all the time things would be different.
Even in my own home there is a selfish attitude and it seems to be contagious.
Things like "I don't want to share" or "I am going to do what I want and it doesn't matter what you say" or "He got it so I need it"
How can I change this and get my own little family myself included to think of others and how they feel? I must say that sometimes it is easier to consider the feelings of strangers. Why is that?
Shouldn't we care more about those that we live.
Care more abouut how they feel and what they think?
Maybe I need to look closer at myself and the example that I am setting toward those that share a house with me.
My family needs a example of..
Maybe I need to change myself before I can change others!
I need to be this example!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my news!

Saturday I went and spent the day at my mom's house. I love going there and spending time with her and I don't get to do it enough!

I really do have the greatest mom in the world!

So what were we doing all day??
here is a hint...

What is this you wonder. We have been talking about taking a trip after Sarah gets home from her mission. About 4 years ago all us girls went to New York on a vacation and we wanted to go on a girls only trip every other year. Well we haven't been on one since.
Saturday my mom and I did some number crunching and we set a date, booked flight and hotels for our 2nd Girls trip! Although this time it isn't all girls because my brother Ammon is coming! Its good though because I don't get to see him enough! Where is it that you are going you ask??

I'm very excited! We are going to Oahu in March after Sarah gets home from her mission. I'm very sad that my sister in law Laura won't be coming. It just won't be the same. Next time right Laura!!!
Remington has been begging me to go but I keep telling him NO! I would like to take him but its not in the any one's budget. Its going to be so fun to go again with my mom and sisters!! I LOVE THEM!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The power of FOOD!!

I have been a mom long enough that I should know the signs of hungry little monsters when I see or hear them. Here is what to look for...

Crying for NO reason
Whining for EVERY reason
Fighting over ridiculous things
When asked any question the answer is NO!
Fit throwing

I should know these signs well an yet I either ignore the signs or lose it because of them.
It is amazing how once these little mouths get some food in their bellies they become, well pleasant. All the signs don't disappear but become significantly more easily managed. Thank you food for your miraculous miracle and calming of the fits!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My other blog

If you haven't recently visited my other not so exciting blog you should go see my latest post! I want to shout my news from the roof tops!! Read and tell me what you think!

Hurry I'm waiting!