Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm exhausted.

Who knew that going threw all the stuff I own would make me so exhausted? Our neighbor hood is having a HUGE yard sale on saturday. I figured I'd join in and see what I could sell. I don't have a lot of big things and I am not expecting to make any money but we'll see what happens. As I was going through things Ryan kept saying. You're going to sell that? Funny thing is he's the one who is always calling me a pack rat. The only thing I have left to go through is the toys and then price and organize. I'm really wishing I had another table to set things on. Maybe I should move my kitchen one??
My little boys new favorite thing to do? Take a bath in their swim suits. They know how to turn on the water and they get their suites on and splash. I think we need some warm weather so we can get in some pool time.
Remington had a track meet last night. He did pretty good. He ran in a relay that we got there just BARELY in the nick of time. He also ran in the 100 M. He wanted to run the 50 M but apparently he is to old? REALLY? LAME!! I was surprised that he didn't do any more field events because that is what he practices at track practice.
Thursday is the last day of school. WOW this year had flown by. I have a plan to keep the kids busy and boredom free. I'll blog about it later. I have to go I hear GIANT splashes coming from the bathroom.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3rd grade program.

Well it is the end of another school year WOW! time is just flying by.

Remington has had a good year and has really enjoyed having Mrs M. again!

He had her in 1st grade too.

She is awesome and I wish she would just keep moving up grades so he could keep having her. She is super patient and kind and fun!

We will miss her next year!

Doesn't he look so happy? His hat broke as he was putting it on so he was the only one without a hat. I think he secretly likes these things but is too cool to show it.

Here he is waiting for the program to start. Its always nice when they are short and sweet!

Preschool Graduation

Coleton was so excited to be able to go to school. He only went for the last half of the year. He went over to the high school and he had a great time.

Here he is with his certificate and a bottle of bubbles the teacher gave him

Gage of course had to get in on the fun!

Here they are together.

My little boys are just growing up!

here he is walking. I had a perfect spot to get a picture of him walking toward me and a lady walked right in front of me as I was taking the picture. SO this is the one I ended up with. Those kids sure walk fast.

They sang a few songs. See the girl in the green and white strips?

Coleton was holding her hand but I couldn't get a better shot.

See him sitting so nice and quiet on the rug? I wish he was more like that at home.

Checking to make sure I was still there watching.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dear Gage, you gave me a heart attack!

Yesterday before I left for work. I was trying to get dinner ready, get Remington ready for scouts, get myself ready, finish some laundry. You know typical stuff. I ended up leaving later than I normal do. As I was backing out of the driveway I saw Gage in the backyard playing, Remington was waiting for his ride to scouts and Coleton was at a friend's house playing. I called Ryan to make sure he knew Gage was outside. He said he knew so off I went.

I got to work and was just getting settled. I had been there about 30 minutes. Ryan called and said he couldn't find Gage. I asked him where he had looked he said everywhere. So I went to talk to my manager to see if I could sneak off to help look. I figured he was just at a neighbors house playing on a swing set, sand box, trampoline or petting one of the many cats around. My manager was on the phone so I waited a few minutes when she got off I told her Gage was missing and wondered if it was alright if I left for a little while. "Get out of here." she said. So I gathered my stuff and left. Sure that Ryan had not really looked and I would find him in no time. I am almost home and Ryan calls to tell me he checked all the usual places that I assumed Gage would be and he wasn't there. The neighbors were out helping look for him.

Panic then sets in.

My brain starts thinking what if he wandered out on the street and got hit by a car. What if hes on the street and someone finds him and calls the cops and they take him away. What if he gets kidnapped. You know all the worse possible things that can happen. Well I pull into the neighbor hood and see multiple people out looking. I stopped down by the mailbox to get out and a little neighbor boy says that Gage is at my house. I yell to my other neighbor to let Ryan know and then I jumped in the car and drove home. Sure enough there on the porch with 2 strange, pierced, scroungy, long hair teenage boys is my baby.


They told me they saw him wandering by their neighbors house and then he started to walk toward Canyon Rd. They called to him and told him to go home. Then they watched him and wondered where he lived. Somehow they made it our house. They told me "we're just trying to do the right thing". THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

I've always been a little judgemental of kids who look like that. Always thought that they are up to no good. I think I will try to look at them differently now. They probably aren't bad kids and these boys didn't have to stop my little boy from wandering on down the street barefooted with his jacket on upside down that they helped him flip around. They didn't have to try and figure out where he lived and why he was so far from home. They did though and I am grateful!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this is what's for dinner

Coleton insisted I take his picture.

Are you jealous? I made a new stir fry dish and I really enjoyed it. You can get the recipe from my other blog. All the boys ate really good minus the peppers and onions. and Coleton kept asking for more sauce. Ryan didn't get any but there are leftovers so he can try it tomorrow.

Monday, May 9, 2011

rainy days and mondays always get me down.

Yes this is the song I sing when it is raining and happens to be a Monday.
I have a hard time being motivated to get anything done. I really just want to curl up under a blanket and sleep or read a book or watch chick flicks!
In fact I was having such a lazy morning that I just about forgot Gage's speech playgroup. We were late but made it. Which is a good thing because he needs more help with the "h" sound and that is what they worked on. Except that he really didn't participate. I think he is coming down with something. He asked to take a nap. Which is SO NOT like him.
Mothers Day was great. Ryan kept the boys home with him while I went to church where I found out that I am being released as Coleton's primary teacher. I am getting a new calling and I am super excited. It will be awesome and a much needed change.
After church we went to the in-laws. We didn't stay long but it was a nice little visit. Then we headed over to my mom's. The plan was to cook in the dutch ovens. However the weather had different plans so the BBQ chicken went in the oven and the potatoes got cooked on the stove and the chocolate cherry cobbler became chocolate cherry cake. It all tasted so good that none of us really cared. It was a nice day and I am glad I got to spend it with the people that I love that most!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A snowy Saturday morning in...



Remington helping gage with a glove

Making snow angels

Gage taking a break watching a cat.

Coleton making a snow angel

Remington and his sled.

Yes its true, on Saturday April 30th there was just enough snow to go through the hassel of gathering snow clothes and putting them on. Then getting out the sleds and finding a hill. The boys enjoyed a couple of hours of fun in the snow that morning and by the afternoon I heard lawn mowers. I'm not even kidding. Welcome to spring in Utah. Can you call this spring? It looks more like winter.

Pinewood Derby!

How is it that I failed to post anything about the pinewood derby? Crazy I know!
Ryan and Remington had a great time building the car and Remington did alot of the work himself. He was a little disapointed that he didn't win but had fun. It is one pack meeting he looks forward to every year! He is already planning his car for next year. I told Ryan that by the time Gage is a cub scout he should be a car building expert!

This is how all boy he is. He decided to have a zoombie car. Its painted green and then there is red splashes that looks like blood. REALLY? I don't want to squash the creativity but I think he could come up with something MORE creative. However his car looked great and he was happy. That is all that matters after all right?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's day gift

Today Coleton and Gage were fighting. They do this when they are tired or hungry or just have had too much time together. They hit, kick, punch, pinch, yell. Its bad sometimes.
I told them that for Mother's Day all I wanted was for them to get along and not fight. They them asked me what Mother's Day was. I told them that it is a day that we let our mom's know how much we love them by buying presents and letting them sleep in {hint, hint}
After a little thought Coleton asks..
"Mom when its kid day will you buy me a toy?"
HA~HA~HA!!! I love that kid!