Friday, February 10, 2012

Nice words

I am lucky enough to be on the enrichment board. I LOVE it!! There is a great group of women that I work with and I feel very fortunate to associate with them. We had an activity Thursday night that was awesome. Our bishop feels that the women in our ward do not realize how loved they are. Our ward has been focusing on Elder Uchdorf's talk from the past conference. So we took the 5 points from his talk and each of us read part of it and then shared some feelings and then after we had all the women write down things that related to that section. For Example the part of be happy now, we had them write down things that they had in their lives that they are grateful for. The part that is be patient with yourself we had them write 5 things that they loved about them. The why of the gospel we had them write the ways that they had seen the hand of the Lord in their lives or in the lives of other people. The last part was one of my favorites and I think that it is something that every woman should hear more often. It was the Lord loves you. We had each sister write her name on the top of a paper and then we sent the papers around the room and we all had a chance to write something that we loved about that person. I got tears in my eyes reading some of the things that others wrote about me. Things that I often don't see in myself. Things that I don't realize other people notice about me. I am so grateful that I could participate in this and feel the spirit that was there. I am grateful that I got a little glance into the way that God sees me because really NONE of us give ourselves enough credit for the amazing women that we are.

Coleton's talk

A few weeks ago Coleton gave a talk in Primary. I had a few people tell me what a good talk it was and how impressed with Coleton they were. The primary president even used his talk as an example in senior primary, so in light of their praise I thought I would share his talk.

In 2 Nephi 2:27 we read..(start with... And they are free to choose)
Today I am going to talk about Agency.
{hold up the letter A}
A is for ability. God gave us brains and hearts that we use to make choices.
{hold up letter G}
This is a gift. Everyday we make choices, they can be good or bad.
{hold up letter E}
If we make good choices it will lead us to eternal life. Sometimes because of our agency we make bad choices. We have the ability and agency to choose repentance
{hold up letter N}
and we can remember that everyday is a new day.
{hold up letter C}
I hope we all remember to Choose the Right.
{hold up letter Y}
Your choices are your decision because of the gift of Agency that God gave us.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pixie Dust

Sunday after church I was trying to round up kids to get in the car to head to my brother Caleb's house for the blessing of Adam. I had gone to my ward to sub for my friend's primary class. As I was herding boys toward the car I noticed that Coleton didn't have his shoes on so we sat down in a class room so that we could put them on before heading outside. While we were putting them on we had the following conversation...

C: Mom did you know that my teacher has real pixie dust?
M: She does?
C: Yes.
M: What do you do with it? Did you make a wish?
C: Yes we blow it off our hands and wish.
M: Cool. What did you wish for?
C: I can't tell you... but if Christmas comes everyday don't blame me.

I LOVE that kid he cracks me up!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Roasted Broccoli

I always cook broccoli the same way. My boys will eat it but not always enthusiastically.
So I decided to try it a different way tonight for dinner. I thought I'd share with you my faithful readers the way I did it in case you would like to try it. By the way all the boys big and little were fighting over it. I obviously did NOT have enough to go around. After some goggling and reading a couple of different websites this is what I came up with...

Turn oven on to 400 degrees
Cut about a pound of broccoli {I think I had less than a pound} into bite sized pieces.
Put in a bowl and add,
 about 3 TBSP of olive
 chopped garlic {I used the stuff from the jar}
sprinkle with Salt & Pepper
generously sprinkle on Parmesan cheese {I used the powder Kraft kind}
Stir to coat and distribute ingredients
Place on a cookie sheet sprayed with Pam
roast for about 15-20 minutes until edges of broccoli are browned

Ryan told me I found a new way to make broccoli.
The only one who didn't enjoy it was Gage and he is going through a picky eating stage.
I will definitely make this again and next time use a bigger batch of broccoli!