Monday, July 25, 2011

I {heart} KSL

Every once in a while I cruise the classifieds on KSL. Every so often I find a fantastic bargain. I've been trying to look for electronic equipment to keep the kids busy for the 10 hours we'll be in the car heading for CA!! I decided I would try pod's. I found a ipod nano 3rd generation for 40 bucks. I talked to Ryan about it and a couple of days later I looked again and the price had dropped. We contacted the seller and we got it for $35!! The guy selling it said he found it in the car he bought. He has 2 and didn't need another one. Bonus for us. There are about 400 songs on it already. I'm going to sort through them and probably delete a bunch. From what I have looked at I think a girl owned it before, anyway I was stoked about my little bargain find. Its not the latest model but I'm OK with that!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swim lesson pictures.

Here are a few little photos from swim lessons. I really should be a better mom and take more pictures. The boys had a lot of fun and LOVED their teachers. Coleton now thinks he can swim all by himself. His teacher did tell me that it is not very often that a 4 year old can float all by them selves like he can. He can float on his back and on his belly. Gage really wanted to do swim lessons but I told him he had to wait until next year.

Swim LIttle Fishes!!

Here is a couple of little videos of my brave "fishies" jumping off the diving board on their last day of swim lessons. I didn't get Remington's flip that he did off the board but I did get his jump. Coleton was brave and jumped right off. They also got to go down the waterslide. Swim lessons was lots of fun. I am very proud of them!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Game night

Yesterday in Relief Society we had a lesson on families. The importance of and how to strengthen them. I don't think that I always do the best that I can.
Anyway one suggestion was to participate in wholesome activities. One woman told about their family game nights. She bakes cookies and they drink soda and play games they get loud and just have fun together. When I was growing up we played quite a few games. Not every Sunday but often.
Well as they day was going Remington got himself grounded from any TV or video games and so in effort to enforce that rule I pulled out Phase 10. I thought it would be good for a little family fun. The only problem was the 2 younger kids can't quite play it yet but we stuck them on teams and let them hold and draw cards we popped popcorn and had a soda! It really was quite fun.
I hope I can keep this family game night going. It would be good for us to leave to TV off more and spend more time together.