Saturday, September 19, 2009

Coleton + Target = TROUBLE!!!!

So I went shopping at Target yesterday to get a birthday present for a party that Remington is going to today and to get a few other things. I love shopping at Target but don't go often becasue it is kind of far. However I had Target coupons for all the things that I needed so that is where I decided to go.
We started off at the toys Coleton and Remington like all kids LOVE looking. I dread it because I know I will be asked a million times for toys and when I say NO I get whines and crying and fit throwing. They were actually pretty good. Anyway Remington chose a toy for his friend and then we went to gather the few other things that I needed.
While in the baby aisle Coleton started running and he just runs faster if I chase him. Well I tried to follow but... he is FAST!!
So I couldn't find him. Target is a BIG store and I went to look back by the toys he wasn't there. After searching for a few minutes I headed up to the front hoping to gather reinforcements to help me look for him. While walking I was thinking

"What did he wear today?"

I know I should probably take his picture before walking into a store. Well to my relief he was at customer service sitting on the counter playing with a Halloween toy and talking to the security officer and 1 employee. HAPPY AS CAN BE!!! When he saw me he had a big smile on his face and said


I thanked them for hanging on to him. Fortunately another mom had found him. That child is going to be the death of me.

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