Friday, June 25, 2010


Remington was on the Spanish Fork track club this summer. We just finished up and He did AWESOME!!

here he is with his friend John waiting for a race to start.

at the starting line

(It hard to tell but Remington is the middle boy in the front with the white shirt on.)
And they're off. He came in 1st or 2nd in all of the 50 meter and 100 meter races that he participated in. We are so proud of him and the hard work that he did.

Our next adventure is FLAG FOOTBALL!

Mom is ALWAYS right!!

The following conversation took place this morning around 10:30am

me: Coleton will you please go get dressed
Coleton: Ok mom

a few minutes later he emerges from his room wearing sweat pants and a t shirt

me: Thank you for getting dressed. Do you really want to wear those hot pants today?
Coleton: Yes
me: I think you will be to hot and sweaty, why don't you go put on some shorts
Coleton: but I like these
me: I know you like them but you are going to be hot wearing those pants. Why don't you go change
Coleton: NO I'm fine.
me: whatever.

He proceeds to go outside to play and about 15 minutes later...

Coleton: Mom I'm hot
me: lets go get some shorts on and get you a drink.

Why don't they listen? I am AWLAYS right.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Deer Sighting.

One nice thing about living so close to the mountains is the wildlife. Sometimes it is a little scary. Like last year when a mountain lion was caught in a nearby garage. Sometimes though it is awesome!!
Yesterday I was outside while the kids were playing. One of my neighbor girls came out of her house and told the other kids that there was a deer in her back yard. They all started to run in the back but then headed inside. I decided to go inside too since I can see their back yard from my kitchen window. Sure enough there happily eating the fruit trees was a deer. It was there for a few minutes. I should have ran and found Coleton and Gage since another neighbor girl was playing with them but I didn't. :(
The deer then headed around the house and to the front. I went out side and it ran around the cul de sac. It looked a little scared and we were all watching it. It headed toward my house like it was going to go through my yard and then a little boy on a scooter came and it ran down a few houses and back out toward the field. I hope it stayed away from the highway and finds its way back to his family! My poor kids were sad they missed it but it all happened so fast. I wish I had thought to grab my camera and take pictures. Sometimes my brain is just not all there. I blame the boys I gave then all my good brain cells after all!


I just have to say I am happy and relieved to say that I have payed off a doctor bill, a dentist bill and one small credit card!!
Ryan and I have been working hard to try and get out of debt. We have been sticking to a tight budget. Not eating out and getting rid of unnecessary things like cable. Yes I miss it but my kids are now watching far less TV!! It is not easy but man the relief of getting a few things payed off is well worth it!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gage is 2!!!


I always tend to think back on the day my kids were born and what happened on that day.

2 years ago (it was a Wednesday) I went and got my hair cut and then went to a Dr's appointment. Where he sent me to the hospital to get induced almost 2 weeks early! I got hooked up to the IV and got the pitossin going. 5 hours later Gage came all by himself. The doctor wasn't even there and the nurses almost missed it. It was 5:00 pm and he weighed 8 pounds and was 21 inches long.

Gage has always been a happy, sweet, mellow little guy.

He is a little on the quiet side around people he doesn't know. Sometimes even the ones that he does know.

He is definitely a mama's boy although he is warming up to a few others!

He loves his brothers and he loves to play with them.

He loves to be outside and will beg to go out all day long.

He hates coming in after playing outside.

He loves to play with balls, ride bikes, he also loves pushing the stroller around.

There is a little baby girl at kick boxing. Her mom puts her in a stroller while we are working out and Gage will push her around the gym the whole time.

He is VERY attached to his binkie.

He is a treat lover. You want to get on his good side? TREATS!!
He loves to play with the dog and the hamster.
We are very blessed to have this happy lovable boy in our home!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I really should add more pictures to my blog make it a little more interesting.
Stay tuned I think there will be some coming in the next day or so!
As a side note to myself. I really should use my brain more!
I decided to get some exsercise in on wedneday while Remington was at track so I ran/walked up and down the bleacher stairs at the high school. I probably did it 7-8 times. I can barely walk today my calves are KILLING me! I was thinking of trying and doing it again tomorrow but I think I'll change my game plan and try something else!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My new motto

I was having a conversation with my sister in law. We have been trying to change ourselves. So we decided that we would try to change one bad habit or incorporate one good habit every week. It has been difficult. At first it was to exercise 3 times a week. Then it was to only drink 1 soda a day. Then we added eating more fruits and veggies. This week it is we are not snacking after 8 pm. This one has been especially difficult for me. I snack a lot in the evenings after the boys are in bed. I am never really hungry. It is also a really bad habit. Slowly but surely we will reach our goal of becoming healthier and skinnier.
My sister in law is so awesome and really inspires me! She stopped drinking soda completely and has been soda free for over a week and a half! WAY TO GO GIRL! As for me I have been soda free for 3 days. Its a start.

Monday, June 7, 2010

WOW time flies!!
I was reminded today that 15 years ago
today I graduated from high school.
Really has it been that long?
I don't feel like it has.
I feel like that just happened.
However at the same time that also feels like another lifetime.
I guess I have grown up.
I had a lot of great friends and a lot of great experiences in high school.
I LOVED it! i would do it again, but at the same time I am glad it is over!
So to all my DC friends!!
Happy 15 years!!