Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mushy Brain

So I really do have the funniest conversations with my kids. The other day I picked up Remington from a friends house. When I got there he said do I have to go we just started playing. They happened to have just started a video game. I said yes it was time to go. So we got in the car and he tells me that he really wanted to play that game because it is one that we don't have. I told him I was sorry and that playing to many video games and watching to much T.V. will rot your brain. What does rot your brain mean he asks me. I tell him it means that your brain will turn to mush and you won't be smart which is why I am telling you to go play outside. Then he proceeds to tell me that his brain gets mushy when he watches T.V. but it gets mushed back up when he goes outside to play. I just had to laugh!

On another note I am VERY excited for my sister Sarah She recieved her mission call and is going to serve in the Colorado Springs, Colorado mission. She Leaves on June 24, 2009 and will be gone for 18 months. She will miss Remington's baptism and birth of Caleb and Laura's baby. I know that it will be a great experience for her and I am excited for her. I am also kind of envious. I never served a mission. It never felt right maybe when I am older.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dinner Conversations

Tonight at dinner I had a very funny conversation with Remington. He started by asking me if I had ever seen the "REAL" easter bunny.
"Yes I have"
"When mom?"
"When I was a kid and my family was living in Idaho. My mom called out 'I see the Easter bunny outside', We all ran and looked out the window and there jumping across our yard the Easter bunny".
"Was he big or little?"
"He was the size of a regular rabbit"
"Well then he wasn't the Easter bunny"
"Because mom the Easter bunny is big like you. Don't you remember watching the 'Santa Clause'?"
"Maybe he was in disguise"
"No mom. No one has ever seen the REAL Easter bunny"
"OK then". I guess I was wrong about that bunny as a kid.

Coleton was also on a role tonight too, like he is everyday! I was feeding Gage and I looked and he was on the table I asked him what he was doing and he said "I shake my body" and then started dancing. I told him to stop being a table dancer and get off. "NO" he says
"Coleton please get off the table."
"No mom"
"Coleton you are going to get hurt please get off"
"no you silly little beast" I just started to laugh. He got the silly little beast from a book we read. Oh the kid is smart. I love him.

Monday, April 6, 2009

my first day!

well Sarah this is for you! I did it and lets see if I can keep it up. I am typing one handed holding Gage because he is sick again, poor little guy. He has another ear infection and bronchitis. Coleton is sick too. I am really looking forward to spring and some warm weather.