Thursday, September 29, 2011

I HATE shopping

Especially car shopping it is exhausting. If you know my husband you know he is NOT very patient and NOT fun to go with. I have been searching online for a new vehicle and I am not having much luck. It seems like I find something and then when I go back to the same site to show Ryan then poof its gone and I can't find it again. I am also NOT a fan of ads that just have e-mail addresses. I have NO other way of contacting them and asking questions. And if you have sold the car then you should put SOLD on your ad or remove it. The good news is that I got us pre-approved for the loan. NOW just have to find the car! Wish me luck I want it now!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Yesterday was more of a soup day than today but I LOVE soup and make it a lot in the fall and winter. I have NEVER made soup with dried beans before! Today I am trying it out! I am making a bean and bacon soup. I hope it works Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sarah and Blake

Wow I don't know how I managed to overlook blogging about this but I did. My little sister got married on August 27th. It was a beautiful day! Sarah and Blake got married in the Mt Timpanogos Temple. Then had a reception in my mom's back yard. I feel like I didn't do much to help because my mom had SO much work done in her yard. Thank heavens for kind neighbors and ward members. Blake's family also put in a lot of work on the decorations and everything looked amazing! Here are a few pictures. If you want to see more I put a lot on facebook.
Remington took a lot of these pictures. I think he did a pretty good job. We are so excited to have "Bake" as part of the family!!

 These 3 were the best looking groomsmen there!
Not that I am biased toward them or anything!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First assignment

I finished my first assignment for my class and I got 100% are you proud? Well don't be to proud it was only an introduction of myself. If I hadn't scored 100% then I think we would have serious problems. I'm now on to lesson number 2 and for Tiff I don't think you have to be  resident of SF to take any classes check out here! Tell me what you think!

I'm 99.9% positive..

That we are out of the clear. I think I let my husband talk me into being paranoid. If you know him well you know he is a bit of a {for lack of a better description} drama queen. I love him but he always seems to talk me into overreacting. You'd think I'd catch on after almost 13 years of marriage. It is good to know that we are all healthy!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

well rounded!

I am trying to make myself a more rounded individual. To do this I discovered that the library in Spanish Fork offers on line classes for FREE!! You don't get any college credits for them but hey its ok. I can always use the knowledge. I signed up for a personal fiance class. There are over 500 classes so I think I will see how this one goes and then try another. I finished my first assignment and I am waiting for the instructor to grade it. So far so good.

Friday, September 9, 2011

And now we wait...

Oh the joys of children and illness.  The 2 youngest boys LOVE playing with one of the little neighbor girls. They are always asking if they can go play with her every chance they get. They go back and forth from our house to her house. Her and Coleton are pretty close in age and do a pretty good job to include Gage in their playing. I don't mind it keeps them busy and they get along.
Thursday night while I was at work her parents came over and told Ryan that her preschool teacher had called and that she had been exposed to hand, foot and mouth disease at pre-school. Her DR strongly suggested that anyone who had been around her be notified. So after a little research and talking to the pharmacist at my store it looks like we are going to quarantine ourselves and stay home for the next 3 days. I am praying that we are germ free as is our cute little neighbor girl. Let the countdown begin!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I LOVE the gospel!!

As I was sitting in Relief Society today I was told by the sister teaching the lesson how much Heavenly Father loves me. I was a little shocked that she singled me out, but I needed to hear it from someone. The gospel is so amazing and I am so blessed to have it in my life. I don't get up and bear my testimony I'm not sure if my family {kids particularly} know how I feel. I have a testimony and I know it is true. I am grateful that I was born in a country that I can worship however I please. That I can make choices for myself. I am grateful for loving parents that taught me the truth and set a wonderful example for me and my siblings. I am grateful for the priesthood and the men in my life that are worthy to use that priesthood. I am so grateful to live in a awesome neighborhood surrounded by amazing people. I am most thankful for the holy ghost and the whisperings he gives. I am thankful for people who follow his promptings. I am thankful for the knowledge that I AM A DAUGHTER OF GOD AND HE LOVES ME!!!! I love going to church each week and getting that spiritual pick me up! I really love the gospel it makes me happy!!

Sunday nap anyone??

Yes Please!! Everyone is tired at our house. Stayed up too late for some reason they were all fighting the bed routine. It doesn't help that we are now on the 9am church schedule starting today. There is lots of fighting and crying and hitting going on. The deacons came by to collect fast offerings 2 of my boys were in nothing but undies/diaper & wrestling on the stairs, couch, floor and anywhere else. Running and screaming oh BOYS! Can't live with them and can't live without them. I think I'll turn on a quiet movie and see who falls asleep besides me.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Pictures!!

Has anyone else noticed that Gage always has a sucker in his mouth? I swear every picture I take of him he has that cavity stick in his mouth.
THANKS Erin for taking these!!

Remington is getting tall. He is going to pass me one of these days.

Crazy Cousins

My BIL came out to CA after the rest of us because he was interviewing for a job. He got it {congrats} and they decided it was time to move. It is an amazing opportunity for them and my BIL's dream job! We sure do miss them and look forward to when they get to move back! The boys miss their cousins and I am going to miss Del Taco, Target and Swimming with them. It just won't be the same. So on our last night on vacation we took a few pictures of the gang.  

.Good luck guys we can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Bubba Gumps

I think we started a tradition to eat at here. We went twice the last time we went to CA. This time we only made it there once. My kids are HUGE seafood fans and they loved it. The kids even got Bubba Gump Shrimp hats. Thanks Opa for taking us!!

Gage enjoying his shrimp-ies
Coleton LOVES Whitney {ryan's cousin!}
He wouldn't leave her side the whole day she spent visiting with us.

Denali was hiding from the camera!
These 2 are best buddies!