Friday, August 21, 2009

First day of School!

the cute triplet girls from next door come and pick Remington up. Here he is running across the street SO excited to go to school.

Coleton had to get in on the picture!

Well it is official school has started. Remington was VERY excited to start school 2 nd grade this year! I had to work the night before school started but Ryan was really good to make sure he got clothes set out and backpack ready and the little homework assignment all done and ready to go. The homework wasn't bad he just needed to collect a few things that showed who he is. He took a picture of him and his dad fishing, a transformer toy, a sticker that looks like his hamster & a package of Yogos.
Let me just say that I have refused to buy new clothes for the start of school. He is going to need clothes for the coming cold weather and so I will buy new clothes then (I should be grateful that he is a boy and doesn't care about new clothes.), however the clothes he chose on the other hand {BIG SIGH} were a old pair of cut off jeans and a t-shirt. The shirt was not so bad but the shorts well I tried to talk him out of them but couldn't so I settled for at least cutting off all the strings dangling from the legs. He is a very independent boy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh where Oh where has my little son gone?

You know the song...

"OH where Oh where has my little son gone Oh where oh where can he be? He's in none of church rooms or on the church grounds OH where oh where can he be?"

OK so I wasn't quite singing this earlier today when I couldn't find Coleton. I know you are all surprised that He was missing. He is after all VERY stubborn and willful and mischievous and one track minded.
I have to sigh big and remember that these attributes are a good thing. Or will be someday.
So now I am sure you are all saying TELL THE STORY!!!!! well here it is....
I go to kickboxing every Tuesday and Thursday at the church. I love it!!! It is a good work out and my boys love to play with the other kids especially Coleton.
Remington goes to a reading group at the school every Tuesday and Thursday they happen to be at the same time. The school is close enough that Remington walks. Today was no different. Except that Coleton followed him and I didn't know.
So there I am at kickboxing I send Remington when it is time for him to go. A few minutes later I wonder
"Where is Coleton?"
I start to look and don't see him.
I look in every room and don't see him.
I start to panic because I don't see him.
I ask around to the other kids NO ONE has seen him.
I start to cry.
Then I pack Gage up.
Some sweet ladies offer to watch him while I look.THANK YOU!!!!!!!
I decide to head for the school hopeing and praying that he went with Remington after all he could be anywhere. I got to the school and every flipping door I tried was locked.
"He better be here or I am going to kill him when I find him" I am thinking to myself.
I finally get in to the school and head to the room where reading is held and Low and behold there he is HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!
I picked him up squeezed him asked him what on earth he was doing. Turns out he was entertaining the group.
Remington says we knew you'd figure it out. Coleton told me you knew he was coming with me.
AHHHHHHHHHH at least he is alive.