Sunday, August 29, 2010



Oh how I LOVE rolls!
I could eat them all the time! Especially homemade rolls.
The smell in the house as they cook is divine!
Warm out of the oven smeared in melting butter.
Oh do I have your mouth watering yet?
Today is my father in law's birthday. We are having a BBQ for him this afternoon and I was asked to make rolls. My mom gave me this yummy recepie for oatmeal bread that you can either make bread or rolls. I made rolls this time and oh my goodness I am throwing my diet out the window today. They turned out awesome if I do say so myself!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well Remington is back in school now and I have pre-school on the brain.
Pre-school with Remington was easy I just had him and for 2 years I did a neighbor hood preschool but I will be honest and say it is NOT for me. I dreaded it I don't know why. The other mom's were great and Remington loved it. The year before Remington started kindergarten I put him in a "real" pre-school. I will do that next year for Coleton and the year after for Gage. I figure one year of "real" pre-school is good and I have my sights set on a couple of different ones.
So this year I will do pre-school at home. Today I spent the afternoon getting my lessons together. Here is the fun thing about this that I am stoked about!!
The lessons I am using are the same lessons that my mom used when she taught me and my brother at home. The book is so old school!! Printed in 1980!! I can still remember doing pre-school at home with my brother. I remember my favorite stories and activities. See mom it wasn't a waist of your time and I am so glad you kept all this stuff!!
I hope my 2 youngest find joy in it like I did!
We are going to do it 2 days a week Tuesday and Thursday. Then have little field trips once a month. I am going to do the field trips on Wednesdays when Ryan is home and can go with us. I am a little excited for this "school year" wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day of school!!

Its official I have a 3rd grader.
3rd grade just means he is half way through grade school.
that means junior high is just around the corner.
I'm not going to think about it.
At least not until next year
when I am reminded that he is one year older.
When did he grow up??
Have a great year!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I made Cookies today to take to Remington's pack meeting tonight. I thought I was doing good. I made a kind that I don't particularly enjoy so that I wouldn't eat them all. Then the next thing I know Gage is up on the counter spraying the cookies with cleaner. So much for that batch now I have to make another batch. GRRRR!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Clean Carpets

Oh how dirty my carpets are... sigh
I got ambitious and thought I will clean them.
That how ever takes a lot of work.
Moving furniture and vacuuming missed corners.
However my front room is done!!
It is beautiful!
The upstairs needs it desperately.
Gage needs a nap even more.
I guess the upstairs carpets will have to wait.
I will go enjoy the beauty of the clean smell in the front room.
AHH clean carpets I have missed you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

random conversation

Coleton got my phone the other day and if he sent you a blank message I apologise! He also randomly texted a person that I don't. The "conversation" that we had was so funny that I thought I would share it with you!
"who is this and why did you send me a blank msg?"
"sorry my kids got the phone"
"Why is my number in your phone? Cause its hard to believe that they dialed 801 then my number Ha ha whats your name"
"Amy is my name & really your number is not in my phone :)"
"ha ha crazy how old are you?"
"I'm 33 yeah I'm old :) lol"
"ha ha where do you live"
"In Spanish fork. You?"
"Orem. Are you married"
"cool cool"
"Yeah again I'm sorry my 3 yr old is a genius lol"
"ha ha well my name is Angie and I'm 35"
"nice to meet you :)"
"You too. I'm also married but its an open marriage."

I'm thinking WHAT???? How do I respond to this without sounding like I'm open to the idea. Ryan says tell her yes WHAT???? so I come up with...

"sorry not trying to weird you out"

Yep totally weired out how do I end this conversation?

"no worries"
"are you and your husband into that kinda stuff?"

I knew it was coming and now she has my phone number great! I got be strong and let her know there is no openings here!!!

"that's cool"
"Ha ha I'm sorry i am messing with you it's not everyday some random person texts you I couldn't pass it up. Ha ha I'm a 23 year old guy Ha ha"
"ha ha ha you are funny"
"Lol sorry"
"seriously I'm laughing"
"Ha ha are you lds"
"yeah are you?"
"Ha ha ya i am lol"

Oh relief. Ryan and I had a good laugh and I thought you might too! Moral of the story..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm beginning to think that Gage will be potty trained before Coleton. Reasons being. Coleton could care less. Gage will take his diaper off any chance he gets. The only way I can keep it on is to put a onsie on him and even then he tugs and pulls at it. I wish Coleton was more that way. However Ryan's family is planning a trip to Newport beach next summer including Sea world and Disneyland. I really think it would be fantastic of Gage was all potty trained by then so I wouldn't have to worry about diapers. It would be even better if Coleton was potty trained by then :)
We are working on it. He knows how to do it he just doesn't want to miss anything. Someday it will all click and we will be done! Until then I fight to keep a diaper on Gage and a diaper off Coleton. Maybe I am going about this backwards...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new blog

I am starting a new blog to help me reach some new fitness goals. I figure if I put it out in cyber space where people can read it then it might be easier to reach some goals and have some accountability! I'm doing a different blog so that my family one won't be overwhelmed and if you are not interested in my weight loss than you don't have to read it. It really is just a way of journaling I guess! here is the link if you want to keep track of my progress. and comments are always welcome! It keeps me going!!