Thursday, July 30, 2009


Poor Coleton didn't get a nap today. Too much excitement getting a hamster. so while I was making dinner he asked to listen to "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley. He loves this song. Well I looked over and said Coleton but the poor little guy was fast asleep with the speaker to his ear. I had to take a picture and smile!

welcome PooPoo Nibbles

We have a new pet. A hamster who Coleton named poopoo and Remington named Nibbles. We call "IT" Nibbles. We are not sure if it is a boy or girl but there is only 1 so we should be fine. I have been saying NO to a pet and was ambushed this morning by my boys telling me that dad promised them a hamster. I guess it will be good to help teach Remington some responsibility. Hopefully it doesn't get loose

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its just not going away. GrRrRrRr

So most of you know my drama with the CRAZY STALKER LADY! Here is the short version. I met her through her son who was in Remington's 1st grade class. She called and asked if Remington would like to play with her son Joshua (I should have said NO!!!! )
I don't particularly like how Remington is when he is with Joshua and there were some other things that happened and some things were said that were disturbing involving blood and death. We told her that Remington couldn't play with Joshua for 1 month. She started calling for play dates after 1 week.
If I don't answer the phone when she calls she shows up at my house asking why I didn't answer the phone. She comes to Maceys to find me when I am working and 1 time when I just shopping.
She called yesterday and said that Joshua was in tears because Remington wasn't able to play. NOT MY PROBLEM!
{Although it is turning into my problem.}
She also demanded that before Remington runs off with other friends that he and Joshua play together. I don't really do well with being demanded to do things and I tend to want to rebel.

So how do I end things?

My brother in law suggested violence. hahahaha!!! Very funny Dave!

Ryan says its my problem because he already ended things however she is still around. So obviously he didn't. I have been hoping it will just all go away but that is not happening. So this is what I have come up with. After much thought and prayer.

I am going to tell her that Joshua is a good kid but, Remington cannot play with him anymore because the two of them are just not a good combination.

So that is where I am at. I am done with feeling like I have to hide or being relived when they go on vacation. I am done with the drama and the attitude. I am praying that they are in separate classes next year (maybe they will find a new family to terrorize). If not Mr Liddard and I will be having a chat :)

Wish me luck and hope that she doesn't go anymore crazy physco on me!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is Santa real?

So I thought that maybe I could get another year in before the question of Santa Clause's authenticity came about, however I got it TODAY.

I was folding clothes today when Remington came in and said
"Mom I don't know if I believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny"
"Why is that?"
"I don't know I just don't think that they are real"
"Oh really?"

At this point I try to change the subject. I remember when I found out that Santa wasn't real and that it was my mom and dad and I was heart broken. However much to my dismay I got asked...

"Mom did you and Dad buy the WII?"

Yes Santa did bring a WII for Christmas 7 months ago! In my head I am thinking I can't lie to him He is going to find out sooner or later and I would rather him find out from me than from friends at school.

"Yes" I sigh
"I knew it!!!"
"OK now you have to keep it a secret"
"Because your brothers don't know and it is fun to believe"
"Why can't I tell Coleton"
"Remington they need to believe like you did and it will be fun to see their reactions when we visit Santa at the North Pole on the Polar Express"

We have made this a tradition I guess. There is a train called the Heber Creeper that at Christmas time is called the polar express and you go for a train ride and the ELVES read the polar express and serve hot chocolate and cookies. You see Santa out the window when you get to the North Pole and then he gets on the train visits all the cars and gives every child a bell. Mrs clause also comes and visits the cars and hands out her cookie recipe. It really is a lot of fun and magical.

Remington was looking confused at a little weary I told him
I am not sure how he will do in the secret keeping department so....
I will have to revisit this subject as Christmas gets closer. Who would have thought I would have this conversation with my son in the middle of July.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well I have been thinking lately that I don't have a PASSION for really anything. I think I need a change. So I have been thinking what would I like to do, what would I like to study, what "do I want to be when i grow up".
Well I am stil pondering these questions and haven't come up with much EXCEPT....
I have been reading a friends blog and she is doing a weekly photo challenge. Last week the theme was BLUE and she posted the results of the pictures that were taken and it was really fun to see all the creative things that they all came up with.
So this week her theme is OVERLOOKED and so I am thinking that I will look at things around me and see what I can come up with and join this little group.
It may turn to a passion it may not, but it is at least something to get my brain going and my intrests flowing.
I will post what I come up with.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


here is a list (in no particular order) of the reasons that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year.

1- BBQ's
3- swimming
4- parades
5- hot air balloon festival in Provo
6- Red, White, & Blue what a great combination!
7- Family
8- fireworks
9- late nights
10- warm days and almost cool nights
11- FREEDOM!!!
12- blankets scattering on lawns
13- happy people young and old
14- Flags waving
15- watermelon
16- firetrucks
17- sparklers
18- fun
19- corn on the cob
20- pops, fizzes & screeches!!

We were able to do lots of things on my list and maybe when my little monsters are older we will do more.
We went swimming & had a BBQ at Ryan's parents house and fearless Coleton and little fish Remington didn't want to get out of the water.
We also went to my mom's for a dutch oven dinner and fireworks!
We had a great day and the boys were exhausted by the end. Poor little Coleton didn't make it through the fireworks he feel asleep and all the loud bangs didn't even faze him. Gage did great although he seemed bored by the end of the fireworks.