Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prayers for Sarah!!

I learned today that my little sister Sarah who is serving in the Colorado Springs Co. mission has been having some pain under her right rib cage. She has also felt nauseous and weak. She went to the Dr and they think it is her gallbladder. They did a ultrasound but it didn't show anything. So they gave her some acid reflux medicine but it didn't help so she had another test that tracks the body. Anyway it will take a couple of days to find out if she will need to have it taken out.
So if you all would keep her in your prayers that would be great.
Also Pray that my mom will be OK this is her youngest baby and not being able to be there would be hard!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

new dish!

I tried a new dish for dinner tonight it was super tasty! We will definitely make it again with a few minor tweaks. Less cayenne and I will double the sauce. I also only used 2 chicken breasts instead of the 4 like it calls for and I think other veggies would be good in it.
here is the link try it!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Remington's baptism

Well he finally did it!


Hip hip hurray!

Remington went to the church with Ryan a little early.
We had lots of family there to support him.
We love you all and are so grateful that you come to support us is everything.
I however almost missed it.
No matter how hard I try I ALWAYS tend to run a little late.
This time however was really not my fault. I was dressed.
Coleton was dressed and Gage was sleeping.
I went in to get Gage up and dressed to find that he had puked and it was
From head to toe and all over his bed and wall.
I screamed in my head.
I quickly undressed him and was grateful that I had just put him down in a onsie, and NOT his nice church clothes. So into the tub he went for a quick scrub down.
Then quickly dressed and thrown into the car.
We got to the church as one of our neighbors was headed out to try and find me.
Ryan thought something had happened to us on the way over.
We hurried in as Caleb was just finishing his talk on baptism.
I was a little sad that I was unable to take any pictures of Remington and Scott in their white clothes. I had just enough to time to breathe when we moved to the baptismal font.
Coleton, who is normally bouncing off the walls, was quietly sitting by his cousin Denali.
{That little boy LOVES her!!}
I had a brief chance to look around and see who was there. So many friends and family. Remington is one lucky kid!
Remington went first and then his good friend John.
Remington looked so small and yet so grown up at the same time.
When did he grow up?
When did he get old enough for school and clubs??
When did he get old enough to be baptised and join scouts???
I must have blinked and missed it.
After the baptisms we moved back into the primary room for the confirmations.
Scott {Ryan's dad} did both the baptism and confirmation.
He gave a beautiful blessing and said something that hit me.
"In 4 short years you will receive the Aaronic priesthood"
4 short years,
1/2 the amount of time that we have
for him to be baptised.
After the baptism and confirmation we headed up to
Highland for a celebration party!
Scott and Cheryl graciously allowed us to host at their home.
Ours home just seems to not quite be big enough anymore.
However on the way home to pick up the food Gage threw up again.
{unfortunately it wasn't just something that he ate.}
So I stayed home with him and Ryan went up to his parents.
After the boys got home I gave Remington a journal so he could record his thoughts about his day. In there he wrote..
"when I got in the water I felt full of sins,
but when I got out I felt like I was all empty
and my sins were gone."
I love Remington so much!
He is such a helpful boy and so excited about everything.
He is so caring and loving and has the biggest heart!
Congratulations Remington I am so proud of you!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well I am going to go on a tangent for a moment so feel free to just skip this if you don't want to read my ravings...
A friend of mine at work recently had a baby. She is a full time employee so that her family has health insurance. She would much rather be at home but until her husband can get insurance where he is working she is stuck with the burden. So she works an average of 32 hours a week. She is also a nursing mom. Here is where my rant starts.
My friend needs to make bottles while at work. There is really no place for her to do it except in a storage closet. She puts up a do not disturb sign and goes about her bottle making business. This in and of its self is a little sad. I understand that not all work places can have mother lounges and she does take one of the cozy chairs from the back office to sit in. Still it is not what I would call ideal circumstances.
As the front end staff we get 2 breaks 1 twenty minute and 1 ten. My friend was eating on her twenty minute break and then going to the closet to pump.
Recently there was a debate on wether or not she should be getting an "extra" break to do this. No one was clear on what the rule is. Appartently there should be one. I was on her side and feel like it isn't that big a deal. Others who are not on her side has differnent views. One argument was that it makes breaks fall behind. Well here is a solution schedule her as the last break or even schedule the next break a little later. One argument was that maybe she should be clocking out to take care of "personal business" HELLO does anyone clock out to use the restroom or take or make a phone call? Why are blowing such a stupid issue up? Her baby needs to eat. If she can provide for him she should be allowed. So the argument was taken up with the front end manager and my friend was told that she could no longer have a "extra" break to pump. This makes me mad. It isn't like she takes an hour to pump only about 20 minutes. So now she is expected to eat and pump on her break in the closet.
This seems to be a little degrading and hardly fair. She is not the only mom that works there. There are others that will shortly be in her situation. I am waiting to see if they enforce the same ridiculous rule that my friend has. She after all doesn't seem to be one of the favorites. {Yes they play favorites at our favorite grocery store.}
It is one of those things that I can rant on forever and nothing will ever change. So to my friend I say I am sorry and I tried to stick up for you & you know it. Someday the world will be fair.