Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NEW feature!

So my friend from work was reading my blog and said it needed some music. So I chose a few of my favorites for your listening pleasure! I hope it doesn't distract from the reading of the oh so intense things that I write! Anyway happy reading and happy listening!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well most of you are aware of our job offer in Huntington. We have been waiting on health insurance. big fat GRRRRRR!!!! Does that give you a clue to how things are going?

We have applied with 2 different insurance agents. The first took almost 3 weeks to get an answer. When we finally got it it was not what we wanted to hear. Amy and the boys are covered
Ryan was denied. The second is the same story.
So here we are hanging in the balance unsure of what we are doing.

Should we go? Should we stay?

As of now we are still here. I guess it is a good thing that the Adams didn't want to buy our house. Maybe the Lord knows something that I don't. Maybe it is an answer to a prayer.
So now we are debating...
*Does Amy quit her job?
*Does Ryan go and work in Huntington when he can?
*Do we just scrap it altogether?

Who knows certainly not me. I will keep you posted.

Friday, December 11, 2009

my day

Well it has just been one thing after another today. I don't know if my day was crazy because I worked last night or what. I'll hit the highlights and not bore you with all the details.

Ryan had a late shift and for some reason when he is home I don't get nearly as much done as I would like. So this afternoon he went up stairs and I went to start a load of laundry. Remington got home from school and Coleton came to tell me that "Dad wants the washer off" oh turns out he was in the shower not watching TV oops. I turned off the machine which was full of water and went upstairs to help Remington get started on his homework. A few minutes later Coleton comes up the stairs DRENCHED!!!! Turns out he decided to climb in the washer. I'm glad he climbed in feet first and not head first and that the washer wasn't running. I got him into some dry clothes and went about my business.

Later I took the boys to Maceys to get some candy for Remington to take to school tomorrow. They are making gingerbread houses and asked each student to bring some candy to share. So we headed to the bulk candy. MISTAKE they were picking candy out of the bins and eating it. They were picking candy off the floor and eating it. OK really it was more Coleton than the others but I can't keep up with him. Next we headed to the baking aisle so I could get some powdered sugar to make icing for the ginger bread houses. Remington started licking off the sugar that had spilled out of the bags and onto the shelves. Of course Coleton preceded to do the same. I was at whits end and ready to put them to bed. I am so glad that Gage is mellow and watches it all happen. I'm sure it wont last long though.

We happened to see one of Remington's friends from school and Coleton tackled him to the ground in a giant bear hug. We got to the check out and then Remington is begging for a treat (I just bought bags of treats) and the next thing I know Coleton is climbing up the cart and jumping onto the belt saying "buy me mommy" "no thanks I'll let some one else buy you".
I'm sure that the whole store was glad when we left.

It is becoming clear to me that I can't ever leave my house. however the madness is just as bad here as it is in public & I'm out numbered. Today is a day that I have to say to myself... I wanted kids, I wanted kids, I wanted kids!

I really do LOVE my boys they crack me up and melt my heart! I would be incomplete withput them!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ready or not here it comes!

well it is a sure sign that Christmas is coming! Am I ready for the snow NO NO NO!!! I wouldn't mind it so much if it would just stay off of the sidewalks and roads. How ever someone forgot to tell the weather to not blow snow all over the shoveled driveway. What is the point of shoveling?
I am trying to stay positive one reason I like snow is because then I have a valid reason for drinking hot chocolate ALL DAY LONG!!
My kids like it and ready or not it is here!!! How many more months until spring? TOO MANY!