Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Miracles of fasting.

I have always believed that fasting can work miracles. Truth be told I am not very good at fasting with a purpose in mind. At the end of May our ward held a special fast for Coleton. When the bishop told me about it I was so shocked and humbled and at first forgot the date that he told me because I was trying not to cry at the news. I know there were quite a few people including the teenagers in my ward that fasted for Coleton. I was touched at the outpouring of love for our family and my sweet little boy.
Yesterday we went to meet with the Primary Children's Orthopedist and after telling her our story and watching Coleton walk and testing his hip movement and looking at his x-rays she told us she doesn't think he has Perthes. Yes he does have a SMALL flat spot on the top of the ball part of his hip joint and she wants us to come back in 3 months to have another x-ray and see if anything has changed. She didn't seem worried about it and told us to "turn him loose".
I consider this a answer to the many prayers said in his behalf and a miracle because of the faith of our family and so many special people in our ward.