Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Coleton was so excited to be able to go to school. He only went for the last half of the year. He went over to the high school and he had a great time.

Here he is with his certificate and a bottle of bubbles the teacher gave him

Gage of course had to get in on the fun!

Here they are together.

My little boys are just growing up!

here he is walking. I had a perfect spot to get a picture of him walking toward me and a lady walked right in front of me as I was taking the picture. SO this is the one I ended up with. Those kids sure walk fast.

They sang a few songs. See the girl in the green and white strips?

Coleton was holding her hand but I couldn't get a better shot.

See him sitting so nice and quiet on the rug? I wish he was more like that at home.

Checking to make sure I was still there watching.


Tiff said...

So cute. Don't blink. Next thing you know it will be HS graduation.

Steven and La Dean said...

Yancey, your kids are adorable! The time goes by so fast; Kaleb will be in 5th grade this Fall! Yikes!