Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm exhausted.

Who knew that going threw all the stuff I own would make me so exhausted? Our neighbor hood is having a HUGE yard sale on saturday. I figured I'd join in and see what I could sell. I don't have a lot of big things and I am not expecting to make any money but we'll see what happens. As I was going through things Ryan kept saying. You're going to sell that? Funny thing is he's the one who is always calling me a pack rat. The only thing I have left to go through is the toys and then price and organize. I'm really wishing I had another table to set things on. Maybe I should move my kitchen one??
My little boys new favorite thing to do? Take a bath in their swim suits. They know how to turn on the water and they get their suites on and splash. I think we need some warm weather so we can get in some pool time.
Remington had a track meet last night. He did pretty good. He ran in a relay that we got there just BARELY in the nick of time. He also ran in the 100 M. He wanted to run the 50 M but apparently he is to old? REALLY? LAME!! I was surprised that he didn't do any more field events because that is what he practices at track practice.
Thursday is the last day of school. WOW this year had flown by. I have a plan to keep the kids busy and boredom free. I'll blog about it later. I have to go I hear GIANT splashes coming from the bathroom.

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