Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3rd grade program.

Well it is the end of another school year WOW! time is just flying by.

Remington has had a good year and has really enjoyed having Mrs M. again!

He had her in 1st grade too.

She is awesome and I wish she would just keep moving up grades so he could keep having her. She is super patient and kind and fun!

We will miss her next year!

Doesn't he look so happy? His hat broke as he was putting it on so he was the only one without a hat. I think he secretly likes these things but is too cool to show it.

Here he is waiting for the program to start. Its always nice when they are short and sweet!

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Tiff said...

My goodness how fast time flies. I can't believe your oldest is going to be a 4th grader. It's always nice when they have a good teacher that they really enjoy.