Sunday, August 29, 2010



Oh how I LOVE rolls!
I could eat them all the time! Especially homemade rolls.
The smell in the house as they cook is divine!
Warm out of the oven smeared in melting butter.
Oh do I have your mouth watering yet?
Today is my father in law's birthday. We are having a BBQ for him this afternoon and I was asked to make rolls. My mom gave me this yummy recepie for oatmeal bread that you can either make bread or rolls. I made rolls this time and oh my goodness I am throwing my diet out the window today. They turned out awesome if I do say so myself!


nellie rae said...

MOUTH WATERING! yum o. i love love love homemade bread!

Steven and La Dean said...

Lookin' Good! Bread is definitely my weakness too and the hardest thing so resist while dieting!

Tiff's Tickles said...

Mmmmm, love me some rolls! Do you share recipes? I would love that one.;D

Carla said...

They look great, Amy. Good job!
I love rolls, too.

Carla said...
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SewSara said...

hey amy thanks for the comment on my blog!
your boys are so cute :)

i tried to add that sara bareilles (sp?) song to my playlist but couldn't find it on

come comment with another fave? :)

SewSara said...

and yes i loooooove rolls too!!

Jamie said...

Sounds yummy! I love rolls too! But think, oatmeal is healthy right?

SewSara said...

well i *did* find the song on youtube and listened to it (great song!) but for some reason it's not on where i'm making the playlist of all my friends' fave songs ... ! weird huh? :)