Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well Remington is back in school now and I have pre-school on the brain.
Pre-school with Remington was easy I just had him and for 2 years I did a neighbor hood preschool but I will be honest and say it is NOT for me. I dreaded it I don't know why. The other mom's were great and Remington loved it. The year before Remington started kindergarten I put him in a "real" pre-school. I will do that next year for Coleton and the year after for Gage. I figure one year of "real" pre-school is good and I have my sights set on a couple of different ones.
So this year I will do pre-school at home. Today I spent the afternoon getting my lessons together. Here is the fun thing about this that I am stoked about!!
The lessons I am using are the same lessons that my mom used when she taught me and my brother at home. The book is so old school!! Printed in 1980!! I can still remember doing pre-school at home with my brother. I remember my favorite stories and activities. See mom it wasn't a waist of your time and I am so glad you kept all this stuff!!
I hope my 2 youngest find joy in it like I did!
We are going to do it 2 days a week Tuesday and Thursday. Then have little field trips once a month. I am going to do the field trips on Wednesdays when Ryan is home and can go with us. I am a little excited for this "school year" wish me luck!


Jamie said...

Sounds like fun! I did a neighborhood preschool with my boys now I have to figure out what to do with Emma. Have I told you that I wish we lived close to each other? Sure would be nice!!

nellie rae said...

good luck!! sounds like an amazing adventure/journey! soooo excited for you and what lies ahead for your family!!!