Thursday, August 5, 2010

random conversation

Coleton got my phone the other day and if he sent you a blank message I apologise! He also randomly texted a person that I don't. The "conversation" that we had was so funny that I thought I would share it with you!
"who is this and why did you send me a blank msg?"
"sorry my kids got the phone"
"Why is my number in your phone? Cause its hard to believe that they dialed 801 then my number Ha ha whats your name"
"Amy is my name & really your number is not in my phone :)"
"ha ha crazy how old are you?"
"I'm 33 yeah I'm old :) lol"
"ha ha where do you live"
"In Spanish fork. You?"
"Orem. Are you married"
"cool cool"
"Yeah again I'm sorry my 3 yr old is a genius lol"
"ha ha well my name is Angie and I'm 35"
"nice to meet you :)"
"You too. I'm also married but its an open marriage."

I'm thinking WHAT???? How do I respond to this without sounding like I'm open to the idea. Ryan says tell her yes WHAT???? so I come up with...

"sorry not trying to weird you out"

Yep totally weired out how do I end this conversation?

"no worries"
"are you and your husband into that kinda stuff?"

I knew it was coming and now she has my phone number great! I got be strong and let her know there is no openings here!!!

"that's cool"
"Ha ha I'm sorry i am messing with you it's not everyday some random person texts you I couldn't pass it up. Ha ha I'm a 23 year old guy Ha ha"
"ha ha ha you are funny"
"Lol sorry"
"seriously I'm laughing"
"Ha ha are you lds"
"yeah are you?"
"Ha ha ya i am lol"

Oh relief. Ryan and I had a good laugh and I thought you might too! Moral of the story..