Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm beginning to think that Gage will be potty trained before Coleton. Reasons being. Coleton could care less. Gage will take his diaper off any chance he gets. The only way I can keep it on is to put a onsie on him and even then he tugs and pulls at it. I wish Coleton was more that way. However Ryan's family is planning a trip to Newport beach next summer including Sea world and Disneyland. I really think it would be fantastic of Gage was all potty trained by then so I wouldn't have to worry about diapers. It would be even better if Coleton was potty trained by then :)
We are working on it. He knows how to do it he just doesn't want to miss anything. Someday it will all click and we will be done! Until then I fight to keep a diaper on Gage and a diaper off Coleton. Maybe I am going about this backwards...

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