Saturday, August 14, 2010

Clean Carpets

Oh how dirty my carpets are... sigh
I got ambitious and thought I will clean them.
That how ever takes a lot of work.
Moving furniture and vacuuming missed corners.
However my front room is done!!
It is beautiful!
The upstairs needs it desperately.
Gage needs a nap even more.
I guess the upstairs carpets will have to wait.
I will go enjoy the beauty of the clean smell in the front room.
AHH clean carpets I have missed you!


Erika and family said...

We just had our carpet cleaned last week. It is so nice to have them clean, yes it is a lot of work. We moved furniture out of 3 rooms so the cleaning guy could get all the carpet. So worth having someone else clean them for me. I left for the day and came home to a nice clean house, then I just had to put furniture back. I do love clean floors. Good luck on the rest of your house!!

Jamie said...

That is my next project. I need to clean my carpets too!