Friday, October 7, 2011

CAR TroubleS!!

I think its been awhile since I have told of my trials in the car area of my life. We have loved our pathfinder. It has been a really good vehicle. It has about 208,000 miles on it. Recently it has decided to not start. There is power in the car but when you turn the key there is nothing. We took it to the mechanic thinking that it would be the starter or the alternator. He couldn't find anything wrong with it. So we kept it but every time it starts then you wonder if you are going to get it started again. I made Ryan drive it because lets face it. I am NOT going to be stuck somewhere with 2 little kids and a car that won't start. Am I being selfish?? Anyway we decided that we would start looking for a new-ish car. We decided we still wanted a SUV and I wanted a little more room. Ryan wanted something that he could take hunting. I researched online and compared multiple vehicles. We had narrowed it down to either a mercury mountaineer or a chevrolet trailblazer. I called my Uncle Garth who is knowledgeable about cars. My budget did not stay where I wanted it but SUV's are not cheap. We finally settled on the trailblazer. After many hours online I found a 2005 and it has 64,000 miles on it. We test drove and made an offer and signed to loan papers. On the way home the check engine light came on. WHAT????? Are you kidding me?? Yes its true so we took it into the dealership to have it looked at. They did a whole diagnostic check and it cost $100. They found that there is a cooling engine thermostat that is bad. They told us it would be $250 to fix it. Other than that everything else is looks great. We called the guy we got it from and told him about it and he said he'd get it fixed. I am hoping we get it back today. I wouldn't being without a car so much if the weather was a little warmer so that I could walk Coleton to preschool rather than finding him a ride. However there is another family in our ward who happens to have a son in the same class as Coleton and they are taking him today. I have no where else to go until I go to work later so I'm home bound once again. Since I don't have our "new" car around to take a picture I found one that looks just like it. I will try to post pictures after I get it back.

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Mark & Tiff said...

Yay for a newish car. How nice that they will fix what is wrong with it so you don't have to. I like your Halloween background.