Monday, October 17, 2011

Poor Poor little Gage

Poor little Gage had a rough day which also means that mom had a rough day too. I know he had it rough because Gage LOVES baths and would take one anytime of the day. After dinner tonight while I was finishing up the dinner dishes Gage brought his pull up and pj's in the kitchen. I asked him if he wanted to get in the tub first and he said NO I want to go to bed. He then preceded to get himself dressed. The next thing I know he was in his bed covers pulled up and fast asleep. I had to put drops in his ear so I did it while he was sleeping. Why does he need drops in his ear you ask?? Well...
Today while Coleton was at school I was in the kitchen doing the dishes {I'm constantly doing dishes} Gage was in the kitchen playing. All of the sudden he came and showed me his finger and it was covered in blood. He wasn't crying and so I wondered what he had cut it on. There are usually tears when blood is involved. I picked him up and was rinsing his finger off and trying to see where he had cut it. Surprise no cut. He then tells me his finger wasn't cut but it was from his ear. Low and behold his ear is bleeding. I panic {which is usually what Ryan does}. I called Ryan and he says "its no big deal he probably just scratched it." You can't see the blood I say. "just irrigate it with some peroxide" Alright fine. So irrigate I do. For 15 minutes I irrigate and finally I think its stopped but no a few minutes later his ear is filled with blood again. I took a picture and sent it to Ryan he called and said "Take him in" So after Coleton was done at school {which was only about 20 minutes later} we picked him up and headed to the instacare. THANK GOODNESS the line was short and we didn't have to wait long. The DR came in and looked in his ear and said he couldn't see where it was bleeding from and so he irrigated again. He looked and said it was still pretty bloody but it looked like there was a cut on the ear drum. He told us he wanted us to see a ENT {ear, nose and throat} DR in the next couple of days. So I called one and we have an appointment on Wednesday morning. I can't figure out what he did and lets face it a 3 yr old doesn't hand out a lot of information. So we'll see how bad it is on Wednesday. Yes Gage had a rough day. Visits to the instacare are draining. I'm going to get on my PJ's get the other 2 in bed make a mug of hot chocolate and cuddle up for some Castle.

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