Thursday, September 29, 2011

I HATE shopping

Especially car shopping it is exhausting. If you know my husband you know he is NOT very patient and NOT fun to go with. I have been searching online for a new vehicle and I am not having much luck. It seems like I find something and then when I go back to the same site to show Ryan then poof its gone and I can't find it again. I am also NOT a fan of ads that just have e-mail addresses. I have NO other way of contacting them and asking questions. And if you have sold the car then you should put SOLD on your ad or remove it. The good news is that I got us pre-approved for the loan. NOW just have to find the car! Wish me luck I want it now!

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Erika and family said...

ewwww! I hate car shopping too! It always seems to take forever and there are too many decisions. I hope you do find a vehicle you love and one that fits in your budget. Good luck! Post some pics when you get your "new" car!