Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FUNNY story!

My two youngest boys are funny! Today while gathering laundry I hear a bedroom door close. Instantly I know its trouble. I finished what I was doing and went upstairs. Gage's bedroom door is locked I knocked and I hear who is it? (Really who do they think it is?) I told them it was cookie monster and they said cookie monsters are not allowed in the operating room. I knocked again and they said who is it? I say its shooter. The door unlocks and slowly opens a few inches. I push it open the rest of the way and low and behold there is Gage laying butt naked on the floor with his little private area covered in band aids. I started to giggle. Where do they come up with things like this??

1 comment:

Mark & Tiff said...

LMBO! That is hysterical. It sounds like something my boys would do.:)