Friday, June 18, 2010


I just have to say I am happy and relieved to say that I have payed off a doctor bill, a dentist bill and one small credit card!!
Ryan and I have been working hard to try and get out of debt. We have been sticking to a tight budget. Not eating out and getting rid of unnecessary things like cable. Yes I miss it but my kids are now watching far less TV!! It is not easy but man the relief of getting a few things payed off is well worth it!!


ker said...

We have also gotten rid of cable and other luxuries and have found ourselves some debt relief! It's amazing how much better life is when you don't have to worry about BILLS! And my kids are surviving without cable- they just watch far more movies. Thank goodness for redbox!

nellie rae said...

you should get some kind of award for this! that is hard work! im trying to do that same thing right now and it is NOT easy! you get a gold star from me, for what its worth, but i think we should be rewarded with a $5000 shopping spree!