Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My new motto

I was having a conversation with my sister in law. We have been trying to change ourselves. So we decided that we would try to change one bad habit or incorporate one good habit every week. It has been difficult. At first it was to exercise 3 times a week. Then it was to only drink 1 soda a day. Then we added eating more fruits and veggies. This week it is we are not snacking after 8 pm. This one has been especially difficult for me. I snack a lot in the evenings after the boys are in bed. I am never really hungry. It is also a really bad habit. Slowly but surely we will reach our goal of becoming healthier and skinnier.
My sister in law is so awesome and really inspires me! She stopped drinking soda completely and has been soda free for over a week and a half! WAY TO GO GIRL! As for me I have been soda free for 3 days. Its a start.

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Erika and family said...

Way to go!! You have to start somewhere and small steps are the first thing to a big change. Good luck and keep up the good work!!