Friday, June 18, 2010

Deer Sighting.

One nice thing about living so close to the mountains is the wildlife. Sometimes it is a little scary. Like last year when a mountain lion was caught in a nearby garage. Sometimes though it is awesome!!
Yesterday I was outside while the kids were playing. One of my neighbor girls came out of her house and told the other kids that there was a deer in her back yard. They all started to run in the back but then headed inside. I decided to go inside too since I can see their back yard from my kitchen window. Sure enough there happily eating the fruit trees was a deer. It was there for a few minutes. I should have ran and found Coleton and Gage since another neighbor girl was playing with them but I didn't. :(
The deer then headed around the house and to the front. I went out side and it ran around the cul de sac. It looked a little scared and we were all watching it. It headed toward my house like it was going to go through my yard and then a little boy on a scooter came and it ran down a few houses and back out toward the field. I hope it stayed away from the highway and finds its way back to his family! My poor kids were sad they missed it but it all happened so fast. I wish I had thought to grab my camera and take pictures. Sometimes my brain is just not all there. I blame the boys I gave then all my good brain cells after all!

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