Friday, June 25, 2010

Mom is ALWAYS right!!

The following conversation took place this morning around 10:30am

me: Coleton will you please go get dressed
Coleton: Ok mom

a few minutes later he emerges from his room wearing sweat pants and a t shirt

me: Thank you for getting dressed. Do you really want to wear those hot pants today?
Coleton: Yes
me: I think you will be to hot and sweaty, why don't you go put on some shorts
Coleton: but I like these
me: I know you like them but you are going to be hot wearing those pants. Why don't you go change
Coleton: NO I'm fine.
me: whatever.

He proceeds to go outside to play and about 15 minutes later...

Coleton: Mom I'm hot
me: lets go get some shorts on and get you a drink.

Why don't they listen? I am AWLAYS right.

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Erika and family said...

I think they don't always believe us, even though we are ALWAYS right. Now hopefully he has learned his lesson and will change into shorts next time you tell him to. Kids...they sure have a mind of their own don't they!