Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sheri Dew

On Saturday night my area had a tri-stake relief society fireside and Sheri Dew was the speaker. I invited my mom and sister Rachel to go with me. I was so glad that they were able to attend it with me.
Sister Dew is a wonderful speaker. She was a great sense of humor and is such a personable lady. I learned quite a bit and got some insight into some things that I need to be working on. A few things from her talk that struck me.
One she encouraged us to do was to not speak ill of other women. No gossiping. Things that we all know we shouldn't do. I don't think I have a issue with this (but maybe since it struck a cord with me I do). Not to say that I never participate in gossip I do occasionally. Now I will try harder to refrain from that.
Second she encouraged us to find out the real meaning of the atonement and how it can be used in our lives. Truthfully I don't think I have ever done this.n So here is to my search! I hope this search can help me become a better woman, a better wife, a better mom. I can use all the help I can get.
I really wish that I had sister Dew's talk recorded so that I could go back and listen to it again. I did copy a few notes that my mom took and hopefully that will jog my memory. I really am grateful for the spirit that was there. That little spiritual boost that I needed. Something I need to try and have with me more. So thank you to the 3 stakes that worked so hard to put this together and thank you to Sister Dew for the time she took to come and speak to all of us. It was a wonderful evening!

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