Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here is the update on Sarah...
Last Thursday (April 15 th) the surgeon released her to return to her mission. She was hoping that she wouldn't leave until after Saturday (the 16 th) since that is when my other sister was taking out her endowments. She got her wish she was still here.
She was happy about that and then was ready to go. So she spent the rest of the week waiting for news of when her plane would leave. She came and spent the day with me on Tuesday. Then on Thursday she still didn't know when she was leaving so after spending a few hours with my mom at work she came to my house again. We watched Anne of Green Gables!!!! So fun I love that movie!! Finally Thursday night she got word that she was on the 10 am flight Friday morning. so a week after she was released to go back she was able to go.
We will all miss having her around but can wait for another 8 months to see her again We have done it already!
Good Luck Sarah we will Pray for you and those that you are teaching!!

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