Friday, May 21, 2010

Why nothing gets done.

NOTHING gets done around my house.
But here is why...
a 8year old
a 3 year old
a almost 2 year
a puppy
a hamster
The 3 year old I love dearly he make me laugh. He makes me sigh. He makes me scream.
The 2 (almost) year old is a mommas boy!! He does not like to be far away. He does not like to be left with anyone & he does not like to leave the hamster alone. I Love him dearly!
The puppy likes to play & chew. Toys. Newly folded laundry. Brand new shoes that have never been worn. The list goes on but that is for another time.
Now here is how the day goes.
We get up.
While I am making breakfast the boys let the dog out to go potty.
They come back in and "play" with the dog.
who never gets put back in the kennel
which in turn causes tears over the loss of toys due to chewing.
8 year old leaves for school
which is usually not on time because he is not ready.
Now the rest of the day becomes a blur!
Between trying to pick up the house, do laundry, make beds
you know the boring stuff
I am trying to potty train a 3 year old
while trying to convince the almost 2 year old to leave his diaper on.
Then in between
the independent 3 year old has opened the front door
which leads to the dog getting loose
chasing birds down the street
the almost 2 year old getting loose
who has let the hamster loose
NO ONE wants to come back inside
sometimes I leave the dog tied to a tree in the back yard
because of the barking he is doing it the house
Then the 3 year old sneaks out
lets the dog off the leash
the almost 2 year old cries to go out
It begins again...
Chasing down the dog who is chasing the birds.
Chasing a 3 year old who like to run
Chasing a almost 2 year old who is starting to not want to take naps
THEN.. when I do get them all in the house
and the almost 2 year old down for a nap
the 8 year old is home from school
SLAMMING doors and crying over whatever his brothers have gotten into
while I was chasing the dog or the hamster.
Who has gotten loose again.
I always plan on getting the "stuff" done after they are asleep
but I am too tired!
So there you have it. SOMEDAY I might get something done!
Today however NOTHING gets done!

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Marty and Jamie said...

Oh Amy, I love you and wish you were closer so we could hang out together!! That sounds like my day-minus the pets. I always wonder why I don't get anything done either and end up more tired and depressed that things didn't get done. Someone told me once that we will miss it all when it is gone so I keep telling myself that I will. You are awesome and you are taking care of what really matters!! Hugs!!