Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small world.

Recently 2 different friends of mine have shared links to blogs of their friends. Both have shared tragic stories about events in their lives involving their children. I have been reading each of these women's blogs and they tug at my heart. Maybe because both of these women are mothers to boys. Both have roots in Utah. I don't know either one of these women but as I was reading the first blog she mentioned the other one. It is amazing to me what a small world we live in. The technology that we have that we are able to comfort and share with each other even if we don't know one another. I will continue to pray for each of these women as they struggle to find peace and answers to prayers. Here are the 2 blogs if you are interested in their stories and the journey that they are taking.

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Marty and Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing. I read them and bawled. It is makes me think how precious life is and how fast it can change.