Monday, February 1, 2010

Good bye January Hello February

Well January is gone how did I do on my goals for the month? LOUSY!!
Let me remind you of the goals.
1- potty train coleton
2- No more binkie
3- No more ba-ba's
4- work out 4 times a week
Out of the 4 goals I had I got 1 accomplished which is better than none I guess.

So... {drum roll please} ...

We seem to be ba-ba free. I told them no more and they haven't even asked. I went and bought a few more sippy cups and that seemed to do the trick. So far so good we are on day 3!

As for the other goals well I have attempted a few times at the potty with Coleton I think I just need to take a week off of work and have nothing else planned do that I can focus on that. We'll see maybe by the end of February. The binkie well I take them away when I can. However he hides them and then goes and gets them from heaven knows where. We are a work in progress. The working out I have no excuses. I have been going to kickboxing twice a week and I just need to work harder at making time at home. I really want to do a 5K this summer so I am thinking when it gets a little warmer out side I will get the double stroller out and head outside.

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