Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baptism day

February 6 th was the day scheduled to baptise Remington. Everything was ready to go. All arrangements had been made. UNTIL...

imagine 4am...

"mom my tummy hurts. It feels like knife is stabbing into me"

Well my first thought is to have him try and use the bathroom. I felt his head and it didn't feel like he had a fever. So he used the bathroom and back to bed he went. 1/2 hour later he is back groaning that his belly still hurt. so he climbed in bed with us. After tossing a few times I took him back to his bed and laid by him. Not long after he ran to the bathroom. After losing his "cookies" on coleton's bed. Which in turn woke coleton who proceeds to tell me that Remington threw up on his bed. So much for sleep. However it was almost 7 so the boys headed downstairs to watch a movie. Remington kept complaining that his belly hurt most of the day and has been fortunate enough to make it to the toilet when needed. He did take a nap which is a sure sign for him that he is not feeling well. He NEVER takes naps. So we all took naps.

Poor Remington was very disappointed that he didn't get baptised today. He has been looking forward to it. So I guess we will wait for March although my cousin is getting married the same weekend as the baptism. Somehow it will work out.

So here is to wishful thinking that it is just a 24 hour bug and it only stays with Remington.
I do have to say that he was feeling better this afternoon and we played monopoly and he even played a few wii games. Sickness is so much easier when they are older. I really really really hope that the younger 2 don't get it.

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Marty and Jamie said...

That's no fun. I'm sorry he is sick and on his babptism day. That makes it worse. Hope you all stay healthy!