Monday, February 15, 2010

Duck, Duck, Duck

I really wish I had a video camera to record this because I don't know if I can write it as well or that you will all find it as funny as I do without actually seeing it.
Last night Gage was walking around in circles saying duck duck duck duck over and over. Then he would start breathing really hard almost like he was running and then he would start again. His brothers sat on the floor and he started walking around them saying duck duck duck and touching them on the heads. He just kept doing it over and over again. I was laughing so hard. I kept trying to get him to say goose and run. He would run if the older boys ran and sit down by them when they sat. Then he would jump up again and start duck duck all over again.
The only way I can think that he knows this game is from watching Coleton and his friends playing it at a birthday party a few weeks ago. He is such a fun little boy to have around.

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