Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GMAC=nothing but trouble!

I hate my mortgage company!!! I wish that I could chose who controlled it. We've been with GMAC since we refinanced about four years ago. We've had very few problems with them until recently. The last few months we started getting notices about GMAC going into bankruptcy but it would not effect our mortgage. YEA RIGHT! After these notices started then we started having big problems. They've charged us late fees for our payment that was not pulled from our account when we've been enrolled on the automatic payment program, they pulled our payment early, the payment amount changes almost monthly. AHHHHH Its enough to make my gray hair fall out! We have been talking about refinancing anyway because the interest rates are even lower than the last time we refinanced. Well I was talking to a friend at work and telling her my story and she told me her dad does mortgage loans. She gave me him number and we called him. We are now in the process of refinancing and hopefully we will be free of GMAC! Sometimes I wonder if the dream of owning a home is worth it!

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