Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dino field trip

Alrighty who's ready for some happy fun posts? Any that I have done recently have been kill-joys! So here are some pictures and catch ups of what has been going on..
 Coleton's preschool went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Pointe. It was so fun and the boys loved it! We first started off with a 3D movie about Dinos!!

 After the movie we ate lunch and then we went into the science part of the museum. The boys, and most of his class were boys, got to play and experiment with theories of how the world works. They had a great time.

 Soon it was time to move through the rest of the exhibits. They saw bones and skeletons and learned how the paleontologists put together fossils and how they excavate them. They also got to play in water and sand and use plastic trees and Dinos to create their very own Dino world.

 Finally they got to take off their shoes and socks and dig! There were brushes and fossils that they could cover and uncover and see what was there!

They had do much fun! It was nice to be able to go with them too. Coleton's preschool has been great to let Gage go on any of the field trips that they had. We were gone all day but it was great!

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