Friday, February 10, 2012

Nice words

I am lucky enough to be on the enrichment board. I LOVE it!! There is a great group of women that I work with and I feel very fortunate to associate with them. We had an activity Thursday night that was awesome. Our bishop feels that the women in our ward do not realize how loved they are. Our ward has been focusing on Elder Uchdorf's talk from the past conference. So we took the 5 points from his talk and each of us read part of it and then shared some feelings and then after we had all the women write down things that related to that section. For Example the part of be happy now, we had them write down things that they had in their lives that they are grateful for. The part that is be patient with yourself we had them write 5 things that they loved about them. The why of the gospel we had them write the ways that they had seen the hand of the Lord in their lives or in the lives of other people. The last part was one of my favorites and I think that it is something that every woman should hear more often. It was the Lord loves you. We had each sister write her name on the top of a paper and then we sent the papers around the room and we all had a chance to write something that we loved about that person. I got tears in my eyes reading some of the things that others wrote about me. Things that I often don't see in myself. Things that I don't realize other people notice about me. I am so grateful that I could participate in this and feel the spirit that was there. I am grateful that I got a little glance into the way that God sees me because really NONE of us give ourselves enough credit for the amazing women that we are.


Tiffany said...

Wow, that sounds like a fabulous homemaking night. What a wonderful idea. How enriching. I think, as women, we are the hardest on ourselves. The Lord loves us and I'm sure when we get to heaven he will tell us of all the wonderful things we did that we didn't even notice or didn't think were that important. You, Amy, are beautiful and loved!!!

Anonymous said...

I got a beautiful card from a beautiful friend today... it meant so much to me. I've been thinking of you all day and clearly haven't been on my blog in a couple of months. I love to read yours, I love your cute family and I miss my best friend SO much! It's sad that we don't see the qualities within ourselves as much as others do! You are amazing!
Love you!