Friday, February 10, 2012

Coleton's talk

A few weeks ago Coleton gave a talk in Primary. I had a few people tell me what a good talk it was and how impressed with Coleton they were. The primary president even used his talk as an example in senior primary, so in light of their praise I thought I would share his talk.

In 2 Nephi 2:27 we read..(start with... And they are free to choose)
Today I am going to talk about Agency.
{hold up the letter A}
A is for ability. God gave us brains and hearts that we use to make choices.
{hold up letter G}
This is a gift. Everyday we make choices, they can be good or bad.
{hold up letter E}
If we make good choices it will lead us to eternal life. Sometimes because of our agency we make bad choices. We have the ability and agency to choose repentance
{hold up letter N}
and we can remember that everyday is a new day.
{hold up letter C}
I hope we all remember to Choose the Right.
{hold up letter Y}
Your choices are your decision because of the gift of Agency that God gave us.

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