Friday, March 5, 2010


Well I am going to go on a tangent for a moment so feel free to just skip this if you don't want to read my ravings...
A friend of mine at work recently had a baby. She is a full time employee so that her family has health insurance. She would much rather be at home but until her husband can get insurance where he is working she is stuck with the burden. So she works an average of 32 hours a week. She is also a nursing mom. Here is where my rant starts.
My friend needs to make bottles while at work. There is really no place for her to do it except in a storage closet. She puts up a do not disturb sign and goes about her bottle making business. This in and of its self is a little sad. I understand that not all work places can have mother lounges and she does take one of the cozy chairs from the back office to sit in. Still it is not what I would call ideal circumstances.
As the front end staff we get 2 breaks 1 twenty minute and 1 ten. My friend was eating on her twenty minute break and then going to the closet to pump.
Recently there was a debate on wether or not she should be getting an "extra" break to do this. No one was clear on what the rule is. Appartently there should be one. I was on her side and feel like it isn't that big a deal. Others who are not on her side has differnent views. One argument was that it makes breaks fall behind. Well here is a solution schedule her as the last break or even schedule the next break a little later. One argument was that maybe she should be clocking out to take care of "personal business" HELLO does anyone clock out to use the restroom or take or make a phone call? Why are blowing such a stupid issue up? Her baby needs to eat. If she can provide for him she should be allowed. So the argument was taken up with the front end manager and my friend was told that she could no longer have a "extra" break to pump. This makes me mad. It isn't like she takes an hour to pump only about 20 minutes. So now she is expected to eat and pump on her break in the closet.
This seems to be a little degrading and hardly fair. She is not the only mom that works there. There are others that will shortly be in her situation. I am waiting to see if they enforce the same ridiculous rule that my friend has. She after all doesn't seem to be one of the favorites. {Yes they play favorites at our favorite grocery store.}
It is one of those things that I can rant on forever and nothing will ever change. So to my friend I say I am sorry and I tried to stick up for you & you know it. Someday the world will be fair.


Tiff's Tickles said...

I would be livid! How dare they do that to a nursing mother who needs to pump! Oh, I feel for her, I really do. Rant on Amy, Rant on! I know they play favorites, they do in every job. And to be put in a closet, ugh! Oh, give her a hug for me. I don't have a clue who she is, but if she's a working, nursing mom who's getting crapped on, she needs a hug!:)

ker said...

What? I am so sad for this young mommy! In these unsure economic times- where mommies (unfortunately) have to work, there needs to be a little more tolerance. I would come cover her so that she could take an extra 20 minutes to take on her mommy role if I could! Amy, you're always sticking up for people, and I LOVE that about you!!

The 3 Willows said...

Hey Amy, this is Tildie. I am in agreement with you. When I had my first baby, I had to eat and nurse at the same time in that stupid closet, or I had the choice of using the bathroom. So gross. Anyway, I don't rant anymore, partly because I'm not full time anymore, but mostly because it does no good and nobody listens to you. Blah! Sorry to the mommy too.