Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prayers for Sarah!!

I learned today that my little sister Sarah who is serving in the Colorado Springs Co. mission has been having some pain under her right rib cage. She has also felt nauseous and weak. She went to the Dr and they think it is her gallbladder. They did a ultrasound but it didn't show anything. So they gave her some acid reflux medicine but it didn't help so she had another test that tracks the body. Anyway it will take a couple of days to find out if she will need to have it taken out.
So if you all would keep her in your prayers that would be great.
Also Pray that my mom will be OK this is her youngest baby and not being able to be there would be hard!


Tiff's Tickles said...

Keeping her in my prayers, and your mom. I can only imagine how she is feeling. I had my gallbladder removed after I had my twins, and that was pain. I got a kidney infection on my mission and that was a nightmare. So, so sorry to hear about her pain.

Suzanne Aguero said...

Please please that she gets better! Prayers are being sent for her!

Erika and family said...

We are praying for her too! I hope that they find out what is bothering her and that she well get better. That has to be difficult for both her and your mom being so far apart and upable to have one another's support!! Keep up updated! Love ya!