Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year Goals.

I have heard that it is easier to keep those goals if you write them down and then be accountable for them. I think I am going to try little monthly goals to be able to meet my BIG goals. So here are a few things that I would like to accomplish in January.

1- Get Coleton potty trained
2- Break Gage from the binky this may take longer than January he is VERY attached.
3- No more "ba-ba's" for either Coleton or Gage this may taking some talking and convincing Ryan to help. He seems to be my main problem :)
4- work out at least 4 times every week

I have lots more that I want to accomplish but I think that I will focus on these so I don't overwhelm myself. I hope you all have a very happy new year!


Erika and family said...

You can do it!! The binky and bottle thing is so hard!! I think I was more attached to it than the kids were it was just so easy to give it to them to get them to be quiet or to comfort them. With Paige I just took all the bottles away one day and threw them out s she couldn't even see them. Then whe she was thirsty I offered her a cup, when she was thirsty enough she used it. About 3 days and she was good to go. It was really tough the first day, but after that it was fine. Potty training was harder, but sill 3 days and Parker was pretty much set. I hope you reach your goals!!

becky said...

So I just got Syd off of a bottle two days ago. They have these new sippies that I found at walmart that Syd loves. They are made by NUBY but aren't the ones on the bottom they are in a package and are about $6 for one. Syd took right to them and gave up the other bottles. Love it. With the binky I had to have Addy go and collect them all and put them in a bag and then we left them with a note for the binky fairy to take them to the babies....the fairy came and left a huge present for her for giving up the binkies. She never asked for another one as long as she has this one stuffed animal in her bed. Potty training I am starting too as Syd has decided to show signs that she wants to. Good luck.