Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coleton & the ba ba

I have been trying {unsuccessfully} to get the bottle away.

Coleton is 3 & far to old for a ba-ba.

Today he was asking for his ba ba and I told him that only babies drink out of ba ba's. He told me he wasn't a baby but wanted his "big boy ba ba".

"No big boys drink out of cups only babies drink ba ba's and wear diapers. You are a baby."

"No I am not". he says

"yes you are. Gage is a baby and he still waers diapers and drinks a bottle"

Coleton is silent for a few minutes and then says...

"Alright I am a baby. "

AHHHH I am just going to throw away them all. Gage won't care and then at least I will have one of my goals accomplished for January.


becky said...

i ended up getting one at walmart that is made by nuby but it is a sippy cup but just a soft nozzle. that is the only way sydnee gave up hers.

Erika and family said...

Just do it!!!! Throw them away. If they aren't around and he can't see them and they aren't there to tempt you he will eventually get it. If he is thirsty enough he will eventually take a cup, just make sure that is the only thing you offer him. It will be a battle at first for a day or two, but it will work and no kid ever died from throwing a tantrum! Good luck and BE STRONG!!!!