Wednesday, January 20, 2010

good morning... or is it?

you know how first thing in the morning before you are really full awake you sometimes see things or don't see things but think that you see things especially out of the corner of your eye?
That was me this morning. I sat up in bed trying to wake up and I thought I saw something running across the carpet in front of my bedroom door. My heart jumped for a minute it is winter and fury little mice like to find warm places to stay inside. I haven't seen any mice in the house for a while though. So I thought I am just seeing things however because I haven't seen any I thought maybe my luck had run out.
I got up and moving to get Remington to school because we were running a little bit behind schedule. I heard Gage and went in to his room and then took him to help me wake up Remington. Remington did not want to get up. He had a late night because he had his first pack night and was very excited about that.
I started to walk out of his room to go and get him some breakfast when all of the sudden I see a fur ball come out of the bathroom. Startled I look and said...
"Remington your hamster is loose."
He jumped right out of bed and said Where?
Yes I am not totally losing my mind I did see something running down the hall. I am grateful that it was just the hamster and not anything else. We were able to catch her and get her back in her cage. Ryan forgot to put her water bottle back in and so there was a hole that she was able to get out of the sneaky little thing.
However the drama of the morning does not end there.
Last night before pack meeting as I was getting the boys ready to go Gage was at midgy's cage. He was putting loose bits of things in her cage. Things like food that had spilled out & piece of her bedding anyway she bit him on his little finger. Nothing to bad just a little blood and a few tears. However this is NOT the first time she has bitten one of the boys She got Coleton too. So needless to say when I called Ryan and told him he said that was the end of her. So last night when he got home He took midgy out back and took care of her. If you know Ryan I am sure that you know the method of disposal. I didn't ask about the details and I don't really want to know.
Anyway this morning Remington discovered that Midgy was gone and he lost it. He was crying and very upset. He feels that she was part of out family and that Dad was unfair. Why couldn't we have taken her to a pet store? Ryan told him that he didn't want to go sell Midgy to a pet store and then have another family take her and the have Midgy bit another kid.
Both times Midgy bit the boys weren't doing anything to bug her. We finally got Remington to calm down and Hopefully he has a good day at school.
Once again we are back to just 1 hamster who seem to be a escape artist. I may have to keep a closer eye on her.

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