Monday, January 23, 2012

The up hill battle called..

This morning Remington comes to me and says,
I don't have any clean socks
Did you check your basket?
Yes I don't have any. Can I wear a pair of yours?
I guess so.
I probably should have taken a hint when I say him wearing a pair of his brothers socks over the weekend and then yesterday when he had a pair of soccer socks on for church. I didn't so today he wore a pair of my socks. I'm sure I just did laundry yesterday last week. As I was sorting laundry having a de-ja-vu feeling I realised. Laundry is like those stair machines. You keep climbing never getting any where sometimes falling behind and climbing like crazy to catch up. Wanting to just give up but you can't because you know what will happen if you do. You keep climbing never getting anywhere. Never an end in sight.
I hope you all have a happy Monday! Me I'll be under a pile of clothes looking for a way out!

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Tiffany said...

Amy, you make me laugh. It's a never ending chore. I hear you so loud and clear. My boys wear my socks all the time. The laundry is never done and if I miss a day someone doesn't have clean pants. It's the song that never ends. Love ya!