Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beef its whats for dinner

Remember that commercial?? Well every time I use beef that jingle runs through my head so I guess the Beef council got its point across. Tonight I did a version of a recipe that my mom created. It is really quite yummy and pretty easy. I call it a poor man's dish because that is what I am poor.
Especially after school registration {what's with paying for FREE public education?}
then vacation {totally fun and worth it!}
then buying new clothes/shoes for most of us for my little sisters wedding.
I don't mind doing it don't get me wrong but it gets pricey.
So tonight after thinking we'll be living off of top ramen for the next 2 weeks {YUCK} I found a pound of hamburger in the freezer, 1/2 an onion and a few potatoes that I sliced thinly. Sprinkle generously with season salt and pepper. Add in a can of cream of mushroom soup some water let that cook for until the potatoes are tender then throw a handful of frozen peas sprinkle with cheese and walla...

be on the look out for our vacation photos and blog. I hope to get it done soon before I forget what happened.

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